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Services Foundation waterproofing with HYPERDESMO

Foundation waterproofing with HYPERDESMO

Hyperdesmo polyurethane coating is what you need! The construction of the house begins from the foundation. Proper foundation and high-quality waterproofing is an important thing to look for. We recommend Hyperdesmo PB-2K, directly a bitumen-polyurethane coating, from a wide range of ALCHIMICA polyurethane coatings. It is a fast-hardening two-component liquid bitumen polyurethane material, which, during polymerization, forms a flexible membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces. The membrane has excellent mechanical and chemical properties. It is made of pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin and chemically polymerized raw bitumen.

Thanks to this successful combination of bitumen and polyurethane, the material has an excellent tensile property - more than 1000%, which is a good solution for foundations and other waterproofing of underground structures. Hyperdesmo PB-2K can successfully perform waterproofing under green roofing. Hyperdesmo PB-2K is a waterproofing and protection for the following surfaces and structures:

  • concrete roofs (to provide a vapor barrier);
  • sanitary facilities (under the tiles);
  • flower beds and roof gardens;
  • basements (foundation);
  • bridge platforms, etc.

HYPERDESMO PB 2 K is certified in accordance with the EOTA standard, has a CE certificate, the membrane has a service life of 25 years, the membrane has a total thickness of only 1.5 mm, it has root protection.

The material is easily applied with a roller, forming a seamless waterproofing coating on your bases.