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HYPERDESMO®-D-2K is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane fluid. It produces a strong membrane of moderate elasticity with outstanding adhesion to many types of surfaces. It is based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent abrasion and chemical resistance properties.
Apply with roller or rubber squeegee in two coats with total consumption of 0.3-0.5 kg/m2.

RECOMMENDED FOR waterproofing and protection of:

  • industrial floors;
  • car parks;
  • stadium stands;
  • tanks carrying chemicals;
  • effluent treatment tanks;
  • sewage tanks.


HYPERDESMO®-D is a one component polyurethane fluid which cures with the humidity in the atmosphere. It produces a very strong membrane with outstanding adhesion to many types of surfaces and excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance properties. Ideal for protecting metal structures against corrosion. Suitable for chemicals and effluent treatment tanks and sewage tubes. It is highly resistant to gases produced during waste water treatment, e.g. methane, hydrogen sulphide etc.. 
Apply with brush, roller or airless spraying in one or two coats with maximum consumption per coat of 150 gr/m2

RECOMMENDED FOR waterproofing and protection of:

  • metal structures;
  • concrete;
  • industrial floors;
  • car parks;
  • refrigeration units;
  • tanks for chemicals;
  • waste water treatment tanks;
  • pipes (inside).


Hyperfloor-2K® is a two component, self levelling solvent free polyurethane material that upon curing produces a strong, slightly elastic film with excellent adhesion to various surfaces. The product is based on pure hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers that provide the material with excellent abrasion and Chemical Resistance.


  • industrial Floors;
  • ship Decks;
  • food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries;
  • refrigeration cells;
  • secondary containment;
  • asphalt floors;
  • tanks;
  • car parks.